On September 16, ColorOS 12 was officially released. OnePlus also announced an upgrade public beta plan. Subsequently, Liu Fengshuo, the COO of OnePlus, said through social media that in order to be able to do it in one step and give everyone a better experience, after the early adopter version of 11 was given, the team has already devoted itself to the development of the 12 adaptation.

Google has already announced the Android 12 operating system and the tech giant is expected to roll out the stable version of the same sometime this month. Smartphone manufacturers are expected to launch their custom mobile OS based on the latest version of the Android OS.

Before the release of 12, we can’t disclose the progress information adaptation 12′ in advance, causing everyone to think that our efficiency is problematic and not paying attention to user’s voice. However, no matter what the reason, we still have to apologize for your waiting and dissatisfaction.


Liu Fengshuo said that ColorOS12 has a lot of improvements compared to ColorOS11, and there are also many new highlights and new designs. Now that the adaptation plan has been fully disclosed, the model adaptation will be carried out in an orderly manner according to the product baseline, and there will be differences in the upgrade time of some models. They will bring you new versions and new experiences as soon as possible.

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On September 14, Liu Zuohu, CEO of OnePlus Technology and founder of OnePlus Mobile, pointed out that they have done a lot of thought and experimentation and spent enough time from the establishment of the ColorOS 12 project to the release. Energy to polish