Digital WellPaper is a new wallpaper app by OnePlus that tracks your smartphone use.

One of the most basic ways to personalize your phone is by setting a wallpaper of your choice. Every phone comes pre-loaded with a range of wallpapers — often designed specifically for that device, and if you need more options, there is no shortage of high-quality wallpaper apps on the Google Play Store. Now OnePlus has come forth with a unique take on wallpapers.

OnePlus has just released a new app called Digital WellPaper that provides personalized wallpapers based on your app screen time. OnePlus refers to the Digital WellPaper as “a virtual wellbeing tool that was created to showcase smartphone users’ digital patterns on their home and lock screens.” The app is developed by OnePlus’s experimental software team, OneLab, and comes with three live wallpapers: Composition, Radial, and Glow, each featuring six colors. Each colorway in the wallpaper represents an app category that dynamically changes based on your app usage.

The idea here is to display your smartphone usage data in a smart and easy-to-access way. Instead of having to dig deep into settings to access the Digital Wellbeing dashboard, you can simply look at your wallpaper to visualize your app usage time. Tapping on the wallpaper briefly displays screen times across all six categories. Meanwhile, arrows in each category indicate whether your screen usage time is higher or lower than yesterday. A more detailed breakdown of individual app usage and screen time reminders can be accessed from within the app.

Ditital WellPaper: Glow wallpaper

OnePlus claims its WellPaper is easy on the battery and doesn’t consume as much power as traditional live wallpapers. It only generates a static image when you unlock the device rather than continuously updating the wallpaper in the background.

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Sounds good? The Digital WellPaper is available on the Google Play Store for free, and you can download it on any smartphone running Android 7.0 and above from the link below.

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