YouTube has updated its mobile apps with a revamp to the video player page and new navigation gestures.

As part of the revamp, the video player page now includes settings that are easier to access. A Closed Captions button now appears on the video player for easier access, while the autoplay toggle is also easier to turn on and off while watching a video. YouTube also said buttons have been re-arranged slightly “that make any action you take even faster.” YouTube said that some of the changes coming to the revamped player might also come to the desktop.


Users on mobile can more easily navigate with a list view of Video Chapters, which allows users to jump to a specific section of a video. Similarly, users can switch between the time counting down and the time that’s elapsed.

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YouTube is also adding a gesture to enter and exit the full-screen mode. Simply swipe up to enter full screen and down to exit. This gesture joins the double-tap to rewind and fast forward.

Additionally, YouTube is introducing suggested actions, which will prompt users to rotate their phone or play a video in VR when it thinks you’ll have a better experience. More suggested actions are expected in the future though it didn’t elaborate on what those might be.

Finally, YouTube highlighted its bedtime reminders feature, which will remind you to wind down your screen time between a set time.

These updates should be rolling out to YouTube’s mobile apps starting today.



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