Xiaomi and its subsidiaries have launched a number of smart door lock products that have the highest security level and passed all possible certifications to prove their reliability. Today, Xiaomi announced a new smart door lock that supports face recognition. The Xiaomi Face Recognition Smart Door Lock X will be available for pre-sale on October 12. There is no information concerning its pricing yet.

Subsequently, Qu Heng, general manager of Xiaomi Ecochain, said that the Xiaomi Face Recognition Smart Door Lock X is Xiaomi’s highest-end smart door lock. Also, we are talking about Xiaomi’s first smart door lock equipped with 3D structured light. The latter ensures the highest level of face recognition security. Judging from the experience of using this door lock, he believes that “3D structured light will definitely become the standard for high-end door locks in the future.”

Qu Heng said that they finally achieved a face recognition error rate of less than one in a million. In addition, the 3D structured light brings contactless unlocking. The latter solves the problem of unlocking when you hold something in your hands and can’t use them for opening the door. There is also an RGB camera in the 3D structured light module, which cooperates with an ultrasonic sensor to monitor whether someone is staying at the door. If there is a stranger hovering for a long time, it will automatically record and notify through the Mijia app.


The Xiaomi Face Recognition Smart Door Lock X uses a self-developed recognition module. It consists of a speckle projector, infrared fill light, RGB camera, photosensitive sensor, distance sensor, and infrared camera.

There is no need to do anything when you walk to the door. The automatic face-swiping opens the door immediately. The company proves it can unlock the door in seconds without any sense of face-swiping. The official also said that the door lock has enhanced financial payment security certification.

In addition, the Xiaomi Face Recognition smart Door Lock X has a number of security configurations, including a full-state monitoring electronic lock body, the main control chip placed in the inner door lock, and multiple anti-electromagnetic interference shielding layers (without fear of Tesla coil attack), 20-digit virtual password, straight-in C-level lock cylinder, stay detection and abnormal timely alarm, etc. Other than that, there are up to 8 unlocking methods.


At the same time, the smart Door Lock X uses an AMOLED screen. It displays various information such as the status of the door lock. Our protagonist supports Mijia and HomeKit, has a built-in 6250mAh battery, and supports in-app one-stop management.


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