Oneplus has launched a brand new app for Android called ‘Clipt’ that gives a totally new experience to users by making it easy to send text, photos, and files between devices. It can be used as a tool also for quickly sharing these data types between devices.

Another supporting feature of this app is the clipboard feature that users can copy something on one device and past it on another.

The app has been developed by OnePlus’ OneLab team. it is currently available on the Google Play Store for your Android device and is also available on the Chrome extensions store for your browser. This lets you also use Clipt between a smartphone and a desktop/laptop.

“The app and Chrome extension creates a link between your devices to seamlessly connect your clipboard,” OnePlus said. “Once installed you can copy on one device and paste on another or use it to send files back and forth easily, connected to as many devices as you’d like.”

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OnePlus said that ‘it developed Clipt after it realized how difficult it is to send files and copied text from one device to another. The new app aims to make that process easier and more seamless.’

How OnePlus clipt works?

OnePlus, in its official announcement, said that Clipt uses your Google Drive to transfer the data, and the company only identifies the data to tell the other devices so it’s safe and secure. The Clipt app also asks access to read and write Google storage, but Clipt can only download the files it creates and it’s siloed.

“In the permissions, you’ll see we request the read and write of your Google storage, but Clipt can only download the files it creates as it’s siloed,” OnePlus said. “In the app or extension we keep the last 10 items available to you, but after that it auto deletes so it won’t fill up your storage.”


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