Vivo Is Testing Out A Color Changing Smartphone tend to be offered in multiple color finishes and options depending on your needs and preferences, so unless you have a lot of money to buy multiple units of the same device in different colors, we typically just pick the one we like the most and stick with it. However, Vivo wants to make those choices easier in the future.

The company posted a video onto Weibo in which they showed off a smartphone that comes with a glass panel on the back that can change color at the touch of a button. We also don’t mind that this phone has a hologram-like design that changes color based on the angle you’re looking at, but rather it can quite literally change colors on the fly.

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This is thanks to the use of electrochromic glass that uses electrical components to change the color of the glass based on the current sent through it. This technology isn’t new and we’ve seen it used in windows and skylights, and OnePlus has also shown off a similar concept where they use the technology to hide the smartphone’s camera.

However, Vivo’s implementation seems a bit more grand and would allow users to change the look of their phone instantly. That being said, we’re not sure if the company has plans to bring this to the market or if they’re simply testing out the tech. Also, we should note that given how the majority of us keep our phones in a case, we’re not sure how useful this might be. Vivo Is Testing Out A Color Changing Smartphone.