The Ultimate Guide to Protecting your iPhone in 2021

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The iPhone from Apple is one of the most popular phones globally for its camera, security and a host of other features. When a new iPhone model is launched, people queue overnight, hoping to be the first to buy it. As an iPhone owner, here are some risks you should watch out for and how to protect your iPhone from these risks.

Risks faced by iPhone users

●      Device theft loss

Losing an iPhone is devastating, not to mention you have all your details saved on the phone. You might forget your phone somewhere, only to remember hours later that you do not have your phone. You may have been to so many different locations, and you can only hope someone will find it and take it to be lost and found.

●      Hacking and Malware

IOS is very secure, but it cannot be 100% secure. An iPhone does not allow downloads of apps from anywhere else except the App Store. However, some people do something called jailbreaking, which enables them to bypass the block on unsecure apps. This makes the iPhone vulnerable to hacking and malware infection. You might download a malicious app that gives a hacker or malicious software access into your iPhone.

●      Data harvesting

By allowing apps to have more access to your details than needed, you make yourself vulnerable to data harvesting. Some apps will ask for permission to have access to your contacts, gallery, etc. Giving them access leads to your data being harvested by third parties.

How to keep your iPhone secure

1.    Activate Find My iPhone

iPhones come with a life-saver called Find My iPhone, which helps track your iPhone if you lose your phone. By enabling Find My iPhone, you can remotely delete all your data on the iPhone if it gets lost. This means whoever finds or steals the iPhone will not have the access to your personal information.

2.    Review app permission

Go to each app and review the permissions granted to each app. If it does not need access to your information, deny it access. It may mean some apps will not function at the optimal level, but it is the price you pay for privacy.

3.    Install a VPN

Install an iPhone VPN or Virtual Private Network. A VPN creates a safe tunnel between your iPhone and the internet you’re connected to. VPN is able to hide or mask your IP address, meaning you can safely browse the internet without anyone knowing your exact physical address. The VPN also encrypts all communication to and from your iPhone, meaning no one can intercept your data in transit.

4.    Activate your firewall

The iPhone comes with an inbuilt firewall. Activate it so that it detects any malware or virus attempting to attack your iPhone.

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Just because the iPhone comes with excellent security does not mean you should be careless. Supplement the iPhone’s inbuilt security with extra protection and a good dose of vigilance.


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