Download the latest OxygenOS 12 Canvas AOD 2 APK for all OnePlus Devices – OnePlus always brings innovative and excellent updates with lots of interesting features. One of them is its Canvas AOD 2.0 style feature which is recently introduced with OxygenOS 12 skin. It essentially draws a wireframe sketch of your device’s lock screen wallpaper and displays the sketch when the screen is turned off. It can be found within the Wallpaper settings.

OnePlus Canvas AOD 2.0

OnePlus believes, beyond practical usage, a smartphone is an important tool for everyone to express themselves, and we are committed to build a platform that enables users to show off their personality. Among features that OnePlus brought to our users, Canvas AOD is one of the most popular. The newly-introduced Canvas AOD 2.0 has already been hotly anticipated during our OEF events and we are delighted to finally show this to more users with OxygenOS 12.

We optimized the feature based on the original functionality, adding a variety of new brushed and line colors for better customization. The selection of photos and adjustments on the final effect has become more flexible, as it adapts to different sizes of images and supports image scaling. Meanwhile, users can erase lines which does not fit in properly to provide a much more realistic but personalized overall result.

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You can download the Canvas AOD 2.0 on OxygenOS 11

The latest Always on Display 2.0 (Canvas AOD 2.0) is recently introduced with OxygenOS 12 which is currently available on OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro as a beta version.

If you are desperate for this new feature, then you do not need OxygenOS 12 update for this, even if you are using OxygenOS 11, you can still enjoy this new feature. Because we are providing the APK file of this Canvas AOD 2.0 which is extracted from OxygenOS 12 and you can install it in your Oneplus smartphone which is working on OxygenOS 11.

Note: Only available for OxygenOS 11 or 12 and devices with Canvas AOD support. In some cases, this feature will not work on your OnePlus smartphones.

Installation Guide:

  1. Download Canvas AOD 2.0 from here
  2. Now Open File Manager
  3. Find the Canvas AOD APK file which you downloaded
  4. Install the apk


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