Mi Adding Boost Charging Speed Option In Mi Security Apk. Latest Mi security apk version 5.6.0 . As we all know that these days every manufacturer is providing fast charging like OnePlus is offering Warp charge 30T and 65. Now Mi is launching their phones with 120W charging which will have the capability of charging a phone from 0 to 100 in just 20 mins and this can be confirmed by the new addition of the feature in Mi security app. If you are willing to test this feature. Download the apk from the link below and do let us know in the comment section how you feel about this feature.

Boost Charging Speed Option In Mi Security  & Charging efficiency
To begin, let’s first check that we actually get 120W out of the mains and into the phone. After all, 120W is more than a typical PC draws, so we’d hope this power isn’t going to waste. Interestingly, Xiaomi’s 120W charger actually provides “just” 80W to the Mi 10 Ultra. Perhaps 120W is possible in Xiaomi’s lab, but I haven’t been able to record anything close to that level in the real world. Fortunately, the charger doesn’t waste those missing 40 watts.

Xiaomi’s charger provides closer to 80W to the phone, rather than 120W.
Wattage drawn from the wall starts at 92.3W, falling quickly to 86.4W for the bulk of charging. Just 6.3W (7.3%) of wasted power across the cable and charger is actually better than all of the lower power chargers I’ve tested. At least as a percentage of total power drawn. This is likely down to the more efficient GaN technology used in Xiaomi’s charger.

For instance, Huawei’s 40W charger wastes a smaller 5.5W but that’s actually 19% of its total power draw. Likewise, the Poco F2 Pro’s 27W charger wastes 5.6W — a significant 17% of the power drawn from the wall before it reaches the phone. Samsung’s and even Google’s chargers are similarly wasteful.

Just how fast is 120W (80W) charging?
Note: Given that Xiaomi charger doesn’t actually offer 120W, I’ll be referring to the charging power as 80W in diagrams and analysis from now on, so as to better reflect the actual power recorded across our tests. To obtain comparison points for different charging speeds, I charged up the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra at various different wattages from Xiaomi’s charger and other USB PD chargers, tracking the time to full.

For starters, even 80W rather than the full 120W records an impressively fast charge time. Empty to full takes just 21 minutes, or just three minutes to hit 25% charge. That’s quite an achievement given that the phone sports two 2,250mAh batteries for a combined 4,500mAh capacity.

Somewhat surprisingly, charging at 50W is virtually just as fast. Taking just 29 minutes to full and just over five minutes to hit 25% charge. Mere minutes of difference implies that the 120W tagline is more a marketing angle than it is a revolutionary change for our charging habits. It will be very difficult to tell Xiaomi’s technology apart from 60W and other very fast chargers on the market without taking such close measurements.