Hello Everyone

I hope all of you are doing well. This tutorials is in regards to import windows 10VM to VMware. If you feel lazy installing windows 10 on a virtual machine and start configuring it from scratch which is a little time consuming process so we have a quick fix for it. Rather than doing this process from scratch just download and Import Windows 10VM OVF file into VMware pro.

Steps To Download OVF File

1) Open link to download OVF File

2) This link will redirect you to Mega.nz website

3) If you are registered user, then login else just proceed to download, free users need to Enter decryption key which can be get by subscribing to the channel for download to begin.

4) Download the complete Zip file

Steps to Import Windows 10VM OVF File

1) Open VMware Pro installed on your system.


2) Extract the downloaded Zip file into a folder

3) open home tab of that or click on file and then on open.



4) You will get open window dialoge box asking for the location of file.

5) Open the folder where you have extracted the file.



6) Just choose that file and click oK.

7) You will get pop up asking location where to save file, just choose the location and import

This is how you can import Windows 10VM OVF file quickly without installing complete windows from scratch.