Google has announced several software-related improvements to its existing services, with the goal of increasing productivity and improving communication across devices. The new features include self-sharing capabilities for Nearby Share, a new Gboard emojiify option for Gboard, and much more. Let’s take a deeper look at these features mentioned in this article.

Nearby Share simplifies file transfers across devices

Google now allows you to transfer files among your own devices using Nearby Share. You will be able to transfer media between your Android phone, tablet, and Chromebook in the coming weeks.

Select other Google-account-linked Android devices from the sharing menu to share with. When you turn on cross-device transfers, they will happen even if you aren’t looking at your phone.

Emojify on Gboard

Gboard will gain a new feature called “emojify,” which will add a slew of relevant emoji to it with a single tap on the “emojify” button. For the autumn season, Google has updated the Emoji Kitchen with new mashup stickers that can be used while chatting with friends.

Bitmoji is coming to WearOS

Google has also added some features to its WearOS. You can dictate a note or checklist from your wrist and manage them across devices with the new Keep tile. Mood-boosting Bitmoji are coming to Wear OS. You can send your custom Bitmoji from Snapchat,, or the Bitmoji mobile app to your watch, and it will change its facial expressions based on the time of day, the weather, and what you’re doing.

Google Meet Gets a New Feature

Google Meet is also getting an upgrade. Android users can now pin specific people to focus on during a large group call and watch videos live with up to 100 people at once thanks to the new live sharing and multi-pinning features.

Accessibility tools for sound alerts and audio descriptions

Live Transcription & Notifications’ Sound Notifications function was built with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in mind to send notifications to your phone or watch in the event of life-threatening incidents like smoke alarms, water leaks, or doorbell ringing.

This function alerts you to sounds via phone and lets you watch notifications, vibrations, or flashing lights, which is handy if you have hearing loss or are using headphones. You can now add custom sounds from your own appliances to your alert library. When you record a sound, it will trigger an alert on your watch or phone.

Google TV’s Audio Descriptions give real-time narration of visual information to make TV and movies accessible to people with vision impairments. By pressing Google Assistant and saying, “search audio description movies,” you can now browse Google TV’s selected list of films with audio explanations.



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