Ever been frustrated about the absence of a road on Google Maps? Well, now Google Maps is working on this issue and it is introducing a new feature that will allow the users to add roads that are not available on Google Maps. This update will allow the user to add a missing road, realign and rename the road segments. This feature is called “drawing” in which you can use a line tool to draw lines to add the missing road in the Google Maps. This feature will make it easy for the user to add the missing road and even help in correcting the name of the road and even the direction of the road whether it is a one-way road or not.

This new feature might appear in the navigation option where you click “Edit the maps” and then select “Missing road” to add a road where you want to add the missing segment of the road, add the name and other important information about the road. This new tool gives you a full-screen experience and allows you to add a road or delete a road segment easily. This updated feature will be available in more than 80 countries over the coming months.

Along with the road editing feature, another feature that is announced by Google Maps is that the user can add a photo as a review of the location. This feature allows the user to upload a photo of the location accompanied by a short description of the location. Rather than rating or leaving a review about a place this feature of upload the photo of the location will give more information about the place.

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This new feature of Google Maps allows users to share and find recommendations and information about a place more easily and provide an in-depth view of the location. Photo updates will give rather additional information about the location and the user will be able to share the experience on the platform. This update can help other users as other users get to decide whether they want to visit the place or not. The short description that accompanies the photo will also further information about the place.

This feature of uploading a photo can be found in the “Updates” tab in Google maps. This feature can lead to an increase in the business of the place whose picture is uploaded on Google Maps. As Google is running a “Local Love” challenge, this feature of uploading photos and reviews will help escalate the marketing of local businesses.




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