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Welcome back to our channel, some of the OnePlus8 & 8Pro  users  are reporting that they have lost OnePlus cloud service app or functionality after upgrading to OxygenOS 11. So today I will show you how to fix this. So without wasting anytime lets get started.

Before doing any changes I always prefer to take backup of the phone & for that I use OnePlus switch app. So let me show how to take backup with that app. Open open one plus switch > Click on back and restore> Click on New backup> now allow for all the permission if it ask> Select everything and press backup now. It will take some time to backup. Once the process is complete go to the file manger > open internal storage > check for OPBackup folder and transfer this folder to your computer.

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Now download the files provided in the description box below and keep in the root of your internal storage. Now go to the settings and system update and select this file first and let the installation process complete. Click yes and let it install. Here  I am not proceeding because I don’t want my system to get formatted. After installation, Reboot. Let the system boot complete. Complete the initial setup and perform the same step again and this time select second file. Let that file get installed completely. Reboot and its done. You will be able to see OnePlus cloud services app again and working fine. If you face any issue in this, please comment in section below will try to help you. If you like this video please like and subscribe our channel which will keep us motivated to bring new videos for you. Signing off as now, will be back soon with new videos.